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 The Swordmages Flavor I Love But......

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PostSubject: The Swordmages Flavor I Love But......    Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:28 pm


The Swordmage is a Favorite Class of Mine in some ways I like the default flavor of its powers so much it can make thinking of variants difficult but lets have a shot at breaking those imagination barriers? (contributions welcome)

Reflavoring has many reasons one is to help make individual characters more unique but also they can be used situationally ( ..splintered blade flavor effect below used in a rocky scene seems more authentic than in rolling meadow ) and some times the spam effect needs to be actively fought (so at-wills get special attention).

Sword Burst

Spinning blades of force appear around me doing my will my sword aimed high at the sky
The Splintered Blade I attack at first seeming to miss but the weapon strikes a hard surface near by and splinters into a conflageration of shards which still bonded to my mind I slash my enemies with (this can be done multiple rounds in a row as though a persistant effect.
We attack in unison from many close and adjacent planes of existance echos of me not really solid but not eithereal either there blades kill just fine..

Green Flame Blade

Heated Steel - the splashing blood from wounds it creates even the shallow kind is itself supernaturally hot.
Heat waves radiate from the target on a hit
Splashing Flames - the fire doesnt cling that tightly to the blade and that is actually an advantage
Sympathetic Ignition - The pyromancy travels across the mystic links between my enemy and his allies blaze forth and perhaps someday I will learn how to make it travel farther.

Lightning Lure

Electrokineses - a telekinetic effect operating on electrons I am pulling the target to me the electrons slipping off are accidental even if potentially fatal to the target, perhaps I will be able to do it someday without damaging what I move
An indirect hit - Pulling the lightning from the sky is still useful even if most of the time I over shoot... sure comes in handy when they get slammed back towards me

Flame Cyclone

Heat wave from another era - there used to be a fire here can you feel it

Martial Flavorings

Surging Vengeance Leap. (Aegis of Assault).
The man is what matters (Sword Burst) Whirling like a dancer the moves are entirely mine the weapon truly becomes an adjunct far less significant in this context- my teacher said this is the ultimate in the sword mages art as at the most fundamental we are the true seat of power --> might also be called a True Cleaving (especially if against a bunch of minions)
Smashing En Passant (Luring Strike), I dive forward and past smashing my enemy as I pass with a nasty blow which staggers them back in to the position I just left.
Certain Riposte or a Disrupting Riposte (Sword of Sigils) the latter name is for the shielding types.

Some consider energy themes (re-energizing) may seem an unimaginative theme but it can involve some very interesting reflavoring.

Energy Type Variants which follow involve Re-energizing at time you take the power ask DMs permission

Lightning Variants

Electro Blade (Green Flame Blade ) - electro static discharges to enemies adjacent your target.
Discharge field or after shocks (Frigid blade) - the ion field hangs around for a while after the attack and messes with there nerves if they stick around.
Lighting Forks (Frost Wind Blade) - Bridging the gap to an earlier target
Dimensional Bleed Off (Dimensional Thunder) - just about any energy form could end up bleeding through when you smash through the planar barriers sound and heat are common but it probably isnt a coincidence the paths my power take me through bleed lightning.

Cold Variants

Blizzard Breeze (lightning lure) - Wind and Ice hurt and bring them to me.
Crystalized Shield (sword burst) - my suddenly expanding shield already made of ice shatters into crystaline form cutting enemies exactly as I planned.

Born To Be Kings and Heros -- From the Ashes Phoenix
“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.” - Lazarus Long via Robert Heinlein.

One suspects Lugh Long-hand Samildánach (a wright/carpenter, a sailor, a smith/bronze craftsman, a healer, a champion, a harpist, a poet/historian, a sorcerer, cupbearer) would agree.
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The Swordmages Flavor I Love But......
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